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I Hope She’s Happy

Long story/rant ahead.

I’m 25 years old.

I had this best friend for 12+ years. Ever since seventh grade. We’ll call her K. She was in a car accident as a baby, so has a Traumatic Brain Injury (I’m gonna refer to it as TBI). Because of this, she’s not the brightest. Kinda really gullible. Apt to make bad choices and wrong decisions. People always teased her or hated her or both. So I’ve always been very protective of her. People would call her name in the hall and I would turn, wondering what the heck they wanted with my K. I’ve been by her side constantly. No matter what.

Her family’s kinda fucked up. Another reason I was always there for her. Her mother is batshit, and put my family through Hell. But I was still by K’s side.

When every single person in the world turned their backs on her, I was at her side.

I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m not full of myself. But with my loyalty, I know that I am pretty fuckin’ awesome.

OK. So what am I going to rant about?

My boyfriend, LR, has very few friends around home. Literally, like, two. They’re a married couple, Sh (the woman) and D (the man). Soon after I met them, K was mentioned. K knows them because of the following situation: T went to high school with me and K. T is Sh’s brother. Obvs, D is T’s brother-in-law. So, K’s name was eventually brought up. Either Sh or LR or both told me at one point, “Oh, yeah, K, she tried to hook up with D once.” I was under the impression that K had tried to hook up with him while he was married. After the fiasco I’m going to tell you about, I learned that they were not married at the time. However, they were still a couple at the time.

Being the good, loyal friend I am, I thought I should tell K this awful rumor about her. At the same time, she was having a fight with this girl, C. I was mad at C, too, because I was reading the text messages between them and C was being ridiculous. K wanted to go to C’s house and yell at her. But I firmly said “no” many times. I told K to leave these things be.

Now, strike 1 for K. She then told me that she had screenshot a private convo between me and her and sent it to C, in which I called C a “stupid bitch.” As mad as I was at C, she was still my friend. Well, now C will never talk to me again. I was pretty pissed. But K coulda done worse. And, dear God, she certainly did.

That was when I told K about the rumor. She cried, blocked ppl on fb, etc. I was there to comfort her until she was sufficiently distracted. The next day, I’m at work, and LR texts me. “D just txted me, askin who started a rumor about he & K hookin up…?…” I rounded on K.

“Who did you tell about the rumor about you and D?”

She said she had called T. She wanted to get to the bottom of it and confront whoever had started it. I told her that she should have left it alone, that now she was starting drama, and now I was in trouble with LR’s only friends that matter. Oh, and, as I didn’t know until after the fiasco, she had called T IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! She went on about how she had to stand up for herself and she was sick of people starting rumors and calling her names. I remind her that she got me in trouble with LR’s friends. She completely disregarded me. That was when I learned that D forgave me and understood that it was just K starting drama. I told K that we were damn lucky that D forgave me.

Strike two for K. She then starts to wonder why I had to apologize. It obvs had nothing to do with the fact that I told her the thing that started her on her drama llama venture. (That was sarcasm). She suddenly asks me if I lied to her the day before and started the rumor myself. Something in her gut told her I did. First I said “No.” Then, as I was typing another reply, she says, “OK I believe you.” I send something like, “Why would I do that?” She goes, “It’s just that you never own up to your mistakes, R, and you have to start. See? You’re avoiding the question.”

I told her no, I already answered it.

She ends with “OK, I believe you.” I left it at that. To think that I, of all people, would ever do that to her.

The next morning (or maybe it was that night but I was asleep), completely unprompted, she sends an apology. She says she really felt like an asshole. I left it for a couple hours. Asked LR’s advice. He basically told me to just forget her. But it was a really heartfelt apology without any prompting. So I went for the bait.

But I reminded her that she had put me in trouble with LR’s friends. She tried to insist that she didn’t know his friends until I finally, thoroughly explained who they are. Then she rounds her attack.

Final strike for K. The mother of all betrayals. She says something like, “I heard from this person who heard from that person that four years ago at T’s party you talked shit about me.” I barely got to say that I don’t even remember those people before she blocked me, saying I only hang with her whenever it’s convenient for me. Obvs it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a full-time job, I volunteer many hours editing fanfiction, and would like to spend time with my boyfriend (LR) whenever I actually have the time to (that’s sarcasm).

After everything I’ve ever done and tried to do for her, she throws me away in a temper tantrum. The only real friend she ever had.

She’s going to come crawling back eventually. She always does. But I’m not going to let her back in. Ever. I’m not God, I’m not Jesus, I can’t forgive people who do something like that to me or people close to me. I’m done with K. For good. She done fucked up and lost her only real friend she ever had forever. The one with the loyalty like a dog.

I hope she’s fuckin’ happy.

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It’s the full moon, I swear.

There are all these people out there that think they’re so high and important. Like we live to serve them and that they’re more important than the other customers. Well, reality check. We don’t and you’re not.

I hate when people come up to the register and ask to hold things. Like, “no, hold your own damn clothes or get a cart, lazy.” But sometimes there’s a good reason, so it’s OK. And at least they ask. I ask for their names so the MCAs won’t put their clothes away, because, y’know, that’s their JOB–to put clothes away that are just lying around the register area–and they go shop.

Then there are the people who are all “Oh, I’ll be right over here. You don’t need my name. I’ll just be right over here.” Uh, yeah, lady, I DO need your name because you’re probably NOT going to stay there, I’m definitely NOT going to be paying enough attention to your stuff to guard it from being put away, and you probably won’t be, either. See, I have other customers to give my attention to.

THEN, there are the people who just throw their stuff down and walk away. We had this couple that just threw their clothes down on the counter and walked away. Then came back and told us to add to the pile. THEN they asked if they could keep their personal things with me. I tried to tell him “no,” but he just argued with me. UGHHHH. No, that’s YOUR stuff, it’s YOUR responsibility, and it’s YOUR problem! This couple made me so angry. He continued on to keep changing his mind about whether he wanted rewards or not, so he got them, but my numbers went down. Oh, and at first, he tried to blame his not getting rewards on me. HA! I had it all SET UP to give you rewards, sir, and you said “no.” SO THERE.

And he kept asking if there was more of a discount. Uhm, you got clearance things at $3.99 a piece. “Yeah, but we got a lot of stuff.” Good for you. “Some stores do it.” Good for them. I have nothing to give you. “Nothing?” Nothing. “No discount?” No more discount. Get over it.

That was yesterday. Today, we had this crazy-ass lady. Ooh, I wanted to set her straight.

My one boss, when she comes to help ring, doesn’t really like to ring. She’ll help bag instead. Hey, it gets my job done faster. I had this big order, too. With lots of clothes and a hispanic couple. Let me give you the exchange as I remember it between my sweet boss and this crazy-ass lady in line.

Crazy-Ass Lady: Is that the only register open?
Boss: There’s one up by the mall entrance.
CAL: That’s not what I asked. I asked is that the only register open?
(I HATE when people say “that’s not what I asked”)

And then she argues with my boss about the registers being open, and she ridicules her. Saying it doesn’t take two people to ring out a person, she wanted a manager to ring her out, she only had one thing. Oh, and here’s the kicker. She was on her lunch break. DON’T GO SHOPPING ON YOUR BREAK, PEOPLE! DUH! If you do, be prepared for disappointment.

This lady went on about how my boss didn’t know who she was, and she was gonna have her job, she was gonna call and talk to a manager and all this bullshit. Omg, it was crazy.

Then, the poor woman, my boss had another lady who refused to wait in line. She asked my boss if she could check her out and my boss told her where the checkouts were. She’s like “I don’t want to wait in those lines.” Like, seriously!? People! Get over yourselves.

More ranting.

Rewards was down this morning. So everyone expected me to have an answer as to how to get their rewards on their purchase. Uhm, there’s nothing to do. Sorry. Not my fault. Take it up with rewards. “Oh, I did before, but it was a mess.” Not my problem.

People, stop shopping when you have to be somewhere soon. Seriously! This chick bought $400 worth of $3.99 clearance stuff and was all, “I’m in a hurry. Oh, take off the hangers.” WHAT? Seriously!? You don’t shop when you’re in a hurry. You come to the checkout, have a nice conversation with the cashier. The cashier offers you great deals. You politely accept or decline them. YOU DON’T SAY “I’M IN A HURRY”!!! I HATE people who are in a hurry. I just make you wait longer. :P.

Also, do not say “I just want to buy these. No clubs no nothing.” That is extremely rude and pisses me off. I’m offering you chance to better your life and you’re all, “Fuck you. I don’t care about you or what you have to offer, I just care about me.” Jerk.


I. Hate. Coupons.

They never work. People argue them to the death. I had a lady come in and complain because she was told there were no coupons online. Then she saw someone take a coupon off a phone for another customer. She was mad and wanted that discount. Uhm, we don’t know what coupons are out there. A lot of coupons are personalized. You have to have the coupon with you to get the discount. Duh.

I hate when people come up and ask for more discounts. Sometimes we have a coupon at the register. SOMETIMES. But these people will come up with clearance and ask for MORE. Uh, no! It’s already on clearance. You’ve already got the best deal there is.

People are crazy, man.


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