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You Don’t Know a Damn Thing About a Book by its Cover

After I finally decided to leave the pointless fight about feminism on youtube, I get another freaking notification from someone else on the same video on the same comment. In the comment, I told the youtuber that I, as a fat woman, appreciated the video. This new person goes “you choose to be unhealthy, hahaha.”

Like, seriously?


I think the youtuber in the video even MENTIONS how you can’t tell a person’s health by looking at them.

Not that this person really gave a fuck about my health.

Just because someone is fat, doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. Just because someone’s thin, doesn’t mean they’re healthy. You don’t know shit about a person by just looking at them.

Let’s say the fat person does happen to be unhealthy. Do you know why? You don’t know shit that’s going on in a person’s life. Personally, I have PCOS, which makes it 10x harder to lose weight right at the start. Then, I’m kinda really struggling with my mental health right now. I’d rather be certain I won’t kill or hurt myself before I even try to bother with my weight. Trust me, my mental unhealth will kill me sooner than my body’s will.

I hate exercise with a seething passion. Y’know that whole endorphin bullshit they talk about when you exercise? Idk about you, but for me, it’s bullshit. I don’t get happy when I exercise. I get exhausted, out of breath, sweaty and gross, and miserable. Even if I just walk the dog around the block. It’s still exercise, it’s still work, and I still come back exhausted, out of breath, sweaty and gross, and miserable.

Food is wonderful. I think my tastebuds are a little extra sensitive, which is possible because I may have Asperger’s. So when I love a food, I LOOOOOOOOOVE it. When I hate a food, I hate that shit and can’t eat it at all. Food is a comfort and a pastime. It’s for celebrations, comforting, anything. And I’m always hungry. I HATE being hungry. Hate, hate, hate. Can’t stand it. Used to be able to ignore it, but that was when I had stronger reasons not to eat. Now, I have food right in the kitchen. Or right down the street that I can bring home for now and later.

Why the Hell should I bother to try and lose weight when my body’s working against me from the beginning (PCOS), I hate exercising, and food brings me so much joy? Because my body will kill me if I keep going this way? What’s the point of living longer if the quality of my life is brought down like that?

I absolutely hate, hate, HATE trying to regulate myself. I don’t want to have to bother or worry. Nor do I want to be different from everyone else. Everyone else can do whatever the fuck they want. They don’t have to regulate themselves like I would have to.

Happiness is so hard for me to grasp these days. I hold on tight to the happiness I can get. And a lot of the time, that’s food.

I can’t make myself do things I don’t want to. I have no motivation. What’s the point? It’s not going to make me feel better. I’ve tried. So what’s the point?

Anyway, why the Hell did the fat-mocker think it was OK to laugh at me? Why is it EVER OK to laugh at someone who’s different from you? Who makes different choices from you? It’s NEVER OK.

Then the original asshole, the anti-feminism one, told the fat-mocker that I’m a stereotypical feminist that deletes things I don’t like. Listen here, fucker. I reported those comments because they were HARASSMENT. Why are you sticking around talking shit about me? Are you really in so much need of self-verification and ego-boosting? Pathetic.

Fuck Youtube. This is why I never leave comments on there.


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I’m Fat. Sooo… All I Care About is That I’m Not Fuckable?


Remember that “comedian” chick that “made fun of” fat people recently? Yeah. So I was browsing Laci Green’s vids, cuz she’s my absolute fave, and was interested in her vid about jokes. I thought it was only gonna be about rape jokes. But she mentions fat jokes and talks about all offensive jokes as a whole. I was ecstatic.

I’m fat. Ever since puberty hit, I’ve been fat. So my fave youtuber ever made a response, though not directly, to all those fat shamers. I wrote a comment thanking her for making the vid. I mentioned that I was a fat woman. A couple days later, I see a response to my comment. It’s the comment you see in the screenshot above. If you don’t remember what he said, please take a second to re-read it.

There are so many reasons this asshole is an idiot. First of all, he assumes that my problem with my weight (if I had one, hows he to know?) is solely the fact that men don’t find me attractive. Before my bf came around, that was only a small part of the problem. Very small. Like, before I met LR, I figured guys who judged me on my weight were at a loss. Cuz I already knew I’d be a great partner.

My problem is SOCIETY. Every person, male or female, who fat shames. Because those fat shamers don’t help with my own struggle to love my fat body. They shame other people for being different and “disgusting.” They don’t know the fat person’s story. What’s going on in his/her life. What’s going on in his/her BODY. Every body is different.

Then he thinks that all I care about is being fucked by men. What if I was bi or gay? But I’m not so I’ll just leave that.

As it happens, I’m very uncomfortable with sex. So the idea that I crave to be fucked by every guy in the whole world is kinda contradicting.

Also, as it happens, I do have a boyfriend who fucks me whenever we get the chance. Why would I want to be fucked by anyone else? Especially considering my boyfriend is intelligent enough to know that what’s inside my fat body is a million times more important. And evolved enough to love what’s inside my fat body a million times more than said fat body. So, again, why would I want anyone else to fuck me?

Finally, he seems to think I want to kill or castrate all men. That’s kinda a stupid belief, because doing so would kinda ruin the whole reproduction and species survival things :/…

Anyway, where did he get all these assumptions about me? Because all I did was inform Laci that I’m fat and, as a fat woman, really appreciate the video.


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What Feminism Really Is…



This is what my friend posted on facebook. I was kinda . . . shocked and disappointed by it. So here’s what I said.

It’s a shame that his poor wardrobe choice overshadowed his great success. It really is. But it is a poor wardrobe choice, because it -is- offensive. Idc that a woman made it for him. If he had known he was going to be in the internet in that shirt, he should’ve chosen more wisely. If not, well, then, that sucks. That said, don’t you ever, ever compare feminists to Nazis. Ever. Nazis hated Jews, blamed them for everything, tortured, and killed them. Feminists are angry, not hating. Those that are going to extra step and bullying? They’re ass holes. Feminists don’t blame men for everything. And we certainly do not torture or kill. We point out what is wrong. Let’s leave the shirt alone and take mental illnesses. Why is it that mental illnesses are diagnosed more in women than men? And then, suicide was the biggest result of death in men ages…20-45? in England last year (I think it was last year). Why? Because men having emotions–otherwise known as being womanly–goes against society. It’s not accepted. So they are left to suffer alone. Just because we’re angry, really angry, doesn’t make us these awful monsters. We’re just done being treated like shit. And you should be done with it, too. Because in this society, you’re a lot more restricted than you realize. You’re not allowed to be in any way, shape, or form, efemenate{sp?). Feeling sad? Aw, too bad. Suck it up. Tore your ACL? Suck it up. Your whole world has crumbled to pieces? Don’t you dare cry. Suck it up. That’s what feminism is about.

And I meant every word of that. I’m waiting to see what his response will be. It’s so disappointing that men think this way about feminism. Just because we’re a little angry. And c’mon, so many women get shit on on the internet just as much, if not way worse, than this guy did. Just for being fat. Where’s the sympathy for them? No one gives a fuck because they’re women and they’re fat. Ugh, I’m gettying really angry, now. I better stop. But I can’t sleep.

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On Writing and Mental Health

I guest blogged on Maria Ann Green’s blog about how mental disabilities and illness have made me a great writer.

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Why Birth Control Shouldn’t be Free

I don’t really like the fact that birth control, by itself, is free by law. Hear me out.

You have a choice about having sex or not. You don’t have a choice about having diabetes or not. You don’t have a choice about having depression or not. I have to pay over $800 a month just to avoid killing myself. Oh, but I can go fuck whoever I want and be irresponsible as fuck without getting pregnant for free. OK. Because that makes sense.

No, places should not refuse birth control insurance. But that’s only because birth control is often used for medical purposes, like for my PCOS. You wanna fuck around and not get pregnant? Get off your lazy ass and pay for it.

I am a feminist. I’m a responsible feminist. When you go around and have sex, you have to be resposible about it.

If birth control is free, all medications should be free. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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Lacey is on a Feminist Rant

I saw the most offensive, misogynistic bumper sticker ever on my drive to my parents’ house today. It’s not just offensive to the politician, it’s offensive to all women.

It was red, white, and blue, so when it said “Hillary,” I assumed it meant Hillary Clinton. It called her “old, fat, and crazy.”


WHO THE FUCK CARED about the politician being FAT when Taft ran and won?

WHO THE FUCK CARED about the politician being OLD when all other politicians ran and then won?

If Hillary’s fat, then I’m morbidly obese. I may be fat, but I am NOT morbidly obese. Even if she WERE fat, WHO THE FUCK CARES!? Weight does not affect your politics.

Age does affect your politics. But, again, WHO CARED when all the MEN ran and won? NO ONE CARES.

This is an offense on ALL WOMEN. Because women have to be perfect. They have to be skinny as a toothpick, but still beautiful with all the right curves. If she’s not, she’s not capable of running for office? What? WHAT? What kind of bullshit is this!? Ooh, I’m mad!


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