Editing Recommendations

The following is a letter of recommendation from one of the people I edit for. I have chosen not to edit her letter, although English is not her first language, as I feel a letter of recommendation should be all her own thoughts, completely untouched. Thank you for considering me to edit your piece!

Hello everyone. I’m Athena but the people on the Fan ficiotn net I am known as AthenaJuTive the writer of the NCIS Story “Familiar faces. The propose of this text is to thank in public Laitie of being my personal beta of this story, because without her editing this project wouldn’t have happened reality. I want to refer that I couldn’t be more satisfied for the work that Laitie does considering that project. The help that she is giving to me is very valuable as my nationality is Greek and the story is written in English. She always struggles to understand my Greek idioms and manages to translate them in English as more as princely as she cans. And I must admit that she does excellent job and always in time. Usually with my previous beta the story was updated once a month and now with Laitie the update on the story is at least once a week. To conclude I highly recommend Laitie for editing in any kind of project you assign to her and trust me she won’t disappoint you either with the quality and the timeline she needs on her work.

You’re sincerely,

Athena Kokkali

This second recommendation Emily asked me to edit for her. So I did. But I kept everything she said and meant.

To Whom It May Concern,

My Name Is Emily Porter. I have gone to Laitie many times for my editing needs, as many people have told me my grammar is horrid while my story ideas are amazing. Laitie has made my stories complete and easy to read. She also has an amazing way of adding ideas to a story and giving me ways to make the story flow like a beautiful melody. She makes her own contrabution to the stories I write without making me feel walked on or like the story is no longer mine. With her beautiful personality and the amazing experenices I’ve had with her, I would choose her time and time again. Heck, I may just have her edit this recommendation so that people can read it, instead of trying to decipher my bad grammar. Even if I had to pay her hunderds of dollars per word, I would still choose her. She never lets you down and she genuinly cares about the work she does and the person she does it for. I would recommend her to anyone. To all reading this, contact her now, she’s amazing.

Emily Porter

This final recommendation is from my friend in the Czech Republic, Beatrix.

I have always loved writing. However, writing in my native language didn’t interest me enought, because I wished for a bigger audience to read my works. So, I found myself in writing in my second language I have been learning since my childhood – English.
Nevertheless, it’s very hard to remember all the grammar rules of two or more languages and because I wanted my stories to be grammatically correct o I wouldn’t drive away potential readers whose native language is English, I started to seek for a Beta to check my grammar.
In Rachel, I have found everything I needed and wished for. Her editing is accurate. She always tells me where I did a mistake and I try to learn from it to improve not only my grammar, but also my writing skills.
She points out unequivocally what is wrong and awhy it is wrong, describing it in her note to explain it to me, so she is also my teacher because she cares about my improvement in grammar. Her helpful advices and precise editing is exactly what I need because thanks to her, I am getting better and better.
I would always choose her as an editor of my stories. She’s not just a wonderful and talented writer herself, she is also very skillful and gifted spellchecker. Not to mention a reliable and trustworthy friend because she takes a friendly approach to what she does and for that I am truly grateful to her.
Thank you, Rachel for every correction you have ever made on my stories. My gratitude knows no boundaries.


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