I Love Myself

20 Sep

So, the title is a little misleading. My loving of myself is a huge work in progress. But I think I’ve taken a huge step just now. I thinking back on a convo I had with my bf, LR, earlier. I told him something about something and added, “even if I don’t care to admit it.” He chuckled and said, “you just did.” Now, I’m thinking, ‘well, of course I did to you. I luv and trust you.’ I thought a little more and realized that admitting something to him also meant I had admitted it to myself. And, again, I thought, ‘well, of course I did.’ Cuz I love and trust myself, too. First of all, if I feel this way or that, but don’t want people to know, I’m obv not anyone that’s gonna go blabbing. But, more than that, I know I’m not going to judge myself, either. Because I know me, my personality, my thought process, and where I’m coming from. Above that, I’m practicing not judging people. It’s hard, because I’m a harsh and mean judger by nature. But my upbringing is really helpful in this area.

I’m tired, but I have more to say. Stay tuned. Gnite.

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