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Why I’m Not Allowed at My Boyfriend’s Place of Work

My boyfriend was transferred to a location closer to me (yay) in November to continue his manager training. At the coming of a new year, management of that location changed. To a woman. A woman who, I remember him telling me, seemed really fake all the time.

Well, time went on, and she seemed to prove herself good for the job, anyway. But. LR, my boyfriend, kept being pushed aside because of this, or that, or some other person (who happened to be a girl each time) needed to be focused on for her advancement into management.

Finally, his turn came. And, well, I love you, LR, but the truth is that he wasn’t doing too well. And to be honest, the store manager wasn’t giving him very many tips on how to improve. Just more chances. Finally, she suddenly learns about his Tourettes and Asperger’s. Boy, did she change her tune. Not long after that, doesn’t she go, “I don’t think you’re cut out for this”?

Then there’s this rumor that the store manager wants the store to be all run by women. As a feminist, all about equal rights for both genders, I’m kinda really furious. And praying that it’s not true. But it looks like it is. Because he’s been pushed aside and pushed aside and pushed aside, all forĀ women.

But that’s enough about the store manager. Because the big ticket is another manager that’s there.

This girl, M, used to be super happy and excitable and friendly. Well, now she’s in training to be manager. And what’s she doing now?

This morning, she didn’t even say “hi” to LR when he greeted her to her face. She had him all by himself at a job when he obviously needed help (because it’s fast food. So, even if you’re good at something, you might need help if orders get too much), didn’t bother to notice he was in pain all day (but another manager DID notice), etc.

One of the complaints about LR at work is that he’s not loud enough. As a girl going half-deaf (not really, I just swear I am), I can attest to that. His voice is low. So he shouted something at M about an order. Later, she’s all, “You gave me attitude.” And he’s all, “You always complain I’m too quiet. And you didn’t even bother to say ‘hi’ to me, anyway.”

She treats him like dirt, is what I’m trying to say. I’m shocked. So shocked that I’m beyond pissed. I unfriended her from fb today because I was so not standing for this.

If I see M ever again, I’m going to rip her a new one. I swear to God, I am not OK with this and the Italian in me is going to stand up for my bf and not let this go by. To avoid this, however, and to avoid drama for him at his workplace, I’m not allowing myself there.

M chose a bad day to get on LR and my last nerves. I started the day pissed for some personal reasons, and ended the day pissed at the rudest customer ever. I may talk about her another time, though, because this post is about LR.


That is why I’m not allowed at my boyfriend’s place of work anymore.

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