Dinner at My Boyfriend’s Family’s

27 Dec

I was invited to a dinner thing my boyfriend, L’s, mother was throwing. So I head over after work. I’m the first one there, so when the next guest arrives, I go to help L control the dogs and open the door.

What’s the first thing L’s mom’s friend, K, says to me? “Have you lost weight?”

Seriously? My weight is that important to you? That it’s the first thing you notice and feel the need to comment on? The first thing you can think of to say to me? My weight?

But whatever. It gets better.

For some reason L and I were not immediately socializing with everyone. So when we walk into the kitchen, what are L’s mom and K talking about? Weight loss.



There are soooooo many things in the world to be talking about, and you’re talking about weight loss in front of me? No one even tried to change the subject, either. They just kept blabbing away about what has worked for this person or that person. Oh, and this worked for L’s mom, A. Because everything’s so fuckin easy peasy for A. Just do this and this and don’t do this and you’re good.

My mom tried to tell me to let it go. That it didn’t mean anything. Well, it fuckin meant something to me. It hurt. A lot. There’s so much more to people than their weight, but that’s all they care about. They don’t even know half the shit I go through in my head every day. How impossible it is to deny my super-hunger and cravings, especially on top of everything else I deal with.

And y’know what? I treat A’s son like fuckin gold. Because I want to and he deserves it. That should be all that anyone cares about.

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One response to “Dinner at My Boyfriend’s Family’s

  1. lradams86

    December 27, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    I think the reason her friend asked was because, like when the customer asked that a few weeks back at work, she noticed that you have been losing it babe, and she wanted to say more than a usual hello, try to add more to the topic. A lot of people do notice the weight loss babe.

    But back to the rest of the topic, I do agree it was a wrong thing for them to do with the topic, it is my mom and unfortunately, we know how she is. But on the other hand, she doesn’t understand the situation, the medications you are on, etc. What works for some, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for others.

    As soon as I walked in on the topic…I saw the face, I saw the hurt in the eyes, and in the heart…that hurt me the most. I felt the pain you were feeling & it made me hurt inside, hence the quietness the rest of the night from me.

    You just gotta remember, you do what you gotta do for you. It is your life, your weight. You are losing what you can lose, what your body is allowing for you to lose, and yes I am here to cheer you on. You can be a stick or as big as you are, but what I see is this… ❤ that is what I like about you most. It is there, that heart. You have the beat of your own drum, & I like that. And you keep doing what you gotta do in your own way to better your life, & this guy will ALWAYS be supportive of it sweetie.

    And you do treat me like gold, & I am proud to say it on here in front of your followers. In 28 years, it took this long for someone to come into my life, accept me as an Aspie (as they are too), & work with me to help me better myself (as I try to do what I can to do so too). The fact you want to is the BEST feeling in the world, & that I deserve it you said…another thing I never heard in 28 years…and it means everything to me wholeheartedly.

    You have a good man and a humble one on your hands, & I am forever grateful you are by my side baby, & I am glad I can put a smile on your face and your heart


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