What Feminism Really Is…

22 Nov



This is what my friend posted on facebook. I was kinda . . . shocked and disappointed by it. So here’s what I said.

It’s a shame that his poor wardrobe choice overshadowed his great success. It really is. But it is a poor wardrobe choice, because it -is- offensive. Idc that a woman made it for him. If he had known he was going to be in the internet in that shirt, he should’ve chosen more wisely. If not, well, then, that sucks. That said, don’t you ever, ever compare feminists to Nazis. Ever. Nazis hated Jews, blamed them for everything, tortured, and killed them. Feminists are angry, not hating. Those that are going to extra step and bullying? They’re ass holes. Feminists don’t blame men for everything. And we certainly do not torture or kill. We point out what is wrong. Let’s leave the shirt alone and take mental illnesses. Why is it that mental illnesses are diagnosed more in women than men? And then, suicide was the biggest result of death in men ages…20-45? in England last year (I think it was last year). Why? Because men having emotions–otherwise known as being womanly–goes against society. It’s not accepted. So they are left to suffer alone. Just because we’re angry, really angry, doesn’t make us these awful monsters. We’re just done being treated like shit. And you should be done with it, too. Because in this society, you’re a lot more restricted than you realize. You’re not allowed to be in any way, shape, or form, efemenate{sp?). Feeling sad? Aw, too bad. Suck it up. Tore your ACL? Suck it up. Your whole world has crumbled to pieces? Don’t you dare cry. Suck it up. That’s what feminism is about.

And I meant every word of that. I’m waiting to see what his response will be. It’s so disappointing that men think this way about feminism. Just because we’re a little angry. And c’mon, so many women get shit on on the internet just as much, if not way worse, than this guy did. Just for being fat. Where’s the sympathy for them? No one gives a fuck because they’re women and they’re fat. Ugh, I’m gettying really angry, now. I better stop. But I can’t sleep.

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