My Scars

19 Nov


In this photo, I have explicitely pointed out three of my seven scars. I think it’s seven. Anyway. The ones on my forehead are from my bout of the chicken pox. No, I wasn’t a young child. I was sixteen. I spent a good deal of my life without them before they decided to invade my face. And I didn’t even scratch at them or anything! I TOUCHED them and they popped off with a lot of pain and deep, deep scars.

Then there’s the one by my eye. Now, it really just looks like a crease. But if you look really closely to your own eyes, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look quite like mine. I got bit by my dog. But it was all my own fault! I was really little and I was teasing my old dog Cinnamon out in the backyard. He got really mad or something and bit me by the eye No blood or anything. My parents said that if he did it again we would have to take him to the pound. I cried and was all “No! I was teasing him! Please don’t take him to the pound!”

Shows you how well my parents raised me, right? :).

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