Things We Women Need To Stop Apologizing For:

17 Nov

Streams of Conscious Thoughts

There are a number of things that women have been trained to be “sorry” for, and I want to clear up about which things I am NOT sorry.

1. Having my period. I’m a woman, I will have periods. I am not going to apologize for my biology, even (especially) if it interferes with a man’s sexual desires/fantasies.

2. Loving sex. It doesn’t make me a slut. My number doesn’t matter. Sex feels good for both men and women, in fact women have more nerve endings in their clitoris (8,000) than the entirety of the penis (4,000)… and that’s only the clitoris, there are even more nerve endings in the women’s pelvic area (up to 15,000!!!!). Sex-shaming or slut-shaming is not limited to male vs. female interactions, but is also a phenomenon in the female vs. female interactions. We need to stop slut-shaming, stop asking the number of partners…

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