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I Doth Not Comprehend. NSFW

Having Asperger’s, there are things I don’t comprehend about other people. Read the rest of this entry »


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What Feminism Really Is…



This is what my friend posted on facebook. I was kinda . . . shocked and disappointed by it. So here’s what I said.

It’s a shame that his poor wardrobe choice overshadowed his great success. It really is. But it is a poor wardrobe choice, because it -is- offensive. Idc that a woman made it for him. If he had known he was going to be in the internet in that shirt, he should’ve chosen more wisely. If not, well, then, that sucks. That said, don’t you ever, ever compare feminists to Nazis. Ever. Nazis hated Jews, blamed them for everything, tortured, and killed them. Feminists are angry, not hating. Those that are going to extra step and bullying? They’re ass holes. Feminists don’t blame men for everything. And we certainly do not torture or kill. We point out what is wrong. Let’s leave the shirt alone and take mental illnesses. Why is it that mental illnesses are diagnosed more in women than men? And then, suicide was the biggest result of death in men ages…20-45? in England last year (I think it was last year). Why? Because men having emotions–otherwise known as being womanly–goes against society. It’s not accepted. So they are left to suffer alone. Just because we’re angry, really angry, doesn’t make us these awful monsters. We’re just done being treated like shit. And you should be done with it, too. Because in this society, you’re a lot more restricted than you realize. You’re not allowed to be in any way, shape, or form, efemenate{sp?). Feeling sad? Aw, too bad. Suck it up. Tore your ACL? Suck it up. Your whole world has crumbled to pieces? Don’t you dare cry. Suck it up. That’s what feminism is about.

And I meant every word of that. I’m waiting to see what his response will be. It’s so disappointing that men think this way about feminism. Just because we’re a little angry. And c’mon, so many women get shit on on the internet just as much, if not way worse, than this guy did. Just for being fat. Where’s the sympathy for them? No one gives a fuck because they’re women and they’re fat. Ugh, I’m gettying really angry, now. I better stop. But I can’t sleep.

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On Writing and Mental Health

I guest blogged on Maria Ann Green’s blog about how mental disabilities and illness have made me a great writer.

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Money is More Important than Food

Child gets denied school lunch because of something about his account being negative. Seriously? Wtf? The school says that they give students with negative accounts something to eat anyway. But it’s kinda sketchy that he wasn’t fed at all.
You need money to survive. This in and of itself is kinda fucked up. Money is a material item that in no way reflects your value as a person or your needs as a human being. This is why Marxism is fantastic. But what’s wrong with Marxism? People are fuckin greedy. Especially people used to living in capitalist societies.
I’m getting into things I don’t really understand. All I’m saying is I fucking hate this world revolving around money. It makes children go hungry, unhoused, uneducated, etc. It’s disgusting. And so is that woman who denied that boy food. I hope that school apologizes and gets to the bottom of it. And feeds him next time!

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My Scars


In this photo, I have explicitely pointed out three of my seven scars. I think it’s seven. Anyway. The ones on my forehead are from my bout of the chicken pox. No, I wasn’t a young child. I was sixteen. I spent a good deal of my life without them before they decided to invade my face. And I didn’t even scratch at them or anything! I TOUCHED them and they popped off with a lot of pain and deep, deep scars.

Then there’s the one by my eye. Now, it really just looks like a crease. But if you look really closely to your own eyes, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look quite like mine. I got bit by my dog. But it was all my own fault! I was really little and I was teasing my old dog Cinnamon out in the backyard. He got really mad or something and bit me by the eye No blood or anything. My parents said that if he did it again we would have to take him to the pound. I cried and was all “No! I was teasing him! Please don’t take him to the pound!”

Shows you how well my parents raised me, right? :).

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Work and My Parents

I need to talk about the bullshit that happens at my work and how my parents tell me to deal with it.

I don’t deal with too much awful shit with my co-workers. Things could be worse. They could be a lot worse. But I’d be lying if I said things were peachy with me and all my co-workers. Off the top of my head, I can name three that really piss me off. Lately, K has really gotten on my nerves.

Now, I’ve been naughty. I’ve been waiting until my last fifteen minutes of my shift to take my fifteen minute break. I don’t leave. I hang around until the end of my shift. Oooh, I’m such a delinquent(sp?). This really pisses K off. Why, I don’t know. But she really gets on my case about it.

So what does K do? She goes to a manager and, luckily, without mentioning my name, asks if we’re allowed to do that. EXCUSE ME!? THAT’S NONE OF HER BUSINESS TO DO! It doesn’t even affect her!

And then she’s all “I’ll let you do it this time, but next time . . .” Oh, so now you’re going to boss me around, too?

That was her third strike. She’s done shit like this before. So I was pissed off my ass and went to the assistant store manager. I admitted what I had done, and asked to her to talk to K about her big-ass mouth. Because I’m not going to stand for K going around spreading MY business around. The asm agrees with me and promises to talk to her about it. And I promise not to wait until the last fifteen minutes of my shift to take my break anymore.

Now, I’m cooled down, but I’m still in a bit of a pissy mood. So I go to my parents looking for a little sympathy, right? Now, I really don’t think I’m gonna get it, knowing them. But I give them the benefit of the doubt. I start with my mom. What does she say? “People are like that. You gotta deal with it and be careful.”

So I don’t even bother with my dad. My mom tells my dad, so he ends up giving me advice anyway. “People see your happiness and get jealous and try their hardest to destroy it any way they can. It’s human nature.”

Human nature my ass. It ain’t in my nature.

I love my parents, I really do. But, God!

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impression on depression

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Things We Women Need To Stop Apologizing For:

Streams of Conscious Thoughts

There are a number of things that women have been trained to be “sorry” for, and I want to clear up about which things I am NOT sorry.

1. Having my period. I’m a woman, I will have periods. I am not going to apologize for my biology, even (especially) if it interferes with a man’s sexual desires/fantasies.

2. Loving sex. It doesn’t make me a slut. My number doesn’t matter. Sex feels good for both men and women, in fact women have more nerve endings in their clitoris (8,000) than the entirety of the penis (4,000)… and that’s only the clitoris, there are even more nerve endings in the women’s pelvic area (up to 15,000!!!!). Sex-shaming or slut-shaming is not limited to male vs. female interactions, but is also a phenomenon in the female vs. female interactions. We need to stop slut-shaming, stop asking the number of partners…

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Chocolate Makes it Better


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Why Birth Control Shouldn’t be Free

I don’t really like the fact that birth control, by itself, is free by law. Hear me out.

You have a choice about having sex or not. You don’t have a choice about having diabetes or not. You don’t have a choice about having depression or not. I have to pay over $800 a month just to avoid killing myself. Oh, but I can go fuck whoever I want and be irresponsible as fuck without getting pregnant for free. OK. Because that makes sense.

No, places should not refuse birth control insurance. But that’s only because birth control is often used for medical purposes, like for my PCOS. You wanna fuck around and not get pregnant? Get off your lazy ass and pay for it.

I am a feminist. I’m a responsible feminist. When you go around and have sex, you have to be resposible about it.

If birth control is free, all medications should be free. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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