I’m Gonna Be a Nano Rebel

29 Sep

I have so many projects. Jelsa and Batley, and My Maria, In the City of Lamira, Dancing on Glass, The Old Mot, and Birdie. I just can’t add another one. So I’m going to rebel. Of my 20,000 words of Birdie, I’m going to add 50,000 more words in November. Shouldn’t be too hard. I still have a lot more I need to do. Including re-doing the whole beginning. I already published a piece of the story, but apparently you can rewrite a piece and then publish that rewrite. So I’m going to completely redo the first part of Birdie. Because my self-published Birdie sucks. Ass. All my friends and family loved it. Said “I just wish there were more,” as if they were critiquing it, lol. So I’m writing more. A lot more. Tens of thousands of words more, lol. I’m pretty excited about this piece.

It’s mostly about unhealthy and abusive relationships. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been fascinated with abusive and unhealthy relationships. So this is a bit of an overview of bad relationships that women (and men) should keep an eye out for to not get into. Behaviors that people might see in themselves or their partners that might show them “hey, this is a bad sign.” Especially for new adults, people my age (twenty-somethings). Because now we’re getting serious about settling down or what have you. Y’know?

So, have you ever had an unhealthy or even abusive relationship? Want your story to be told? But probably not with your name? Tell me all about it. E-mail me: Subject title: Chocolate Makes it Better. I’d love to include your story into Birdie’s.

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