It Happened Again

17 Jun

It happened again. A freakin gain. I cried–no bawled–over nothing. I had no reason to be upset. I’ve been having an awesome week. Going out on dates, meeting guys, etc. So why did I need to just cry? And better yet, not stop? The sadness didn’t go away no matter how much I cried my brains out. It was so bad that they sent me home with orders to shut off my phone, stay away from my laptop, cancel my date, and go to the lake and read. It helped. But I still felt crummy the next day.

What’s going on? I’m such a happy person most of the time. I’ve been taking my meds for over a month or two. I can’t have Serotonin Syndrome now, can I?

I was gonna go on here and beg you readers for help. Or to find me some help. But, I feel pretty much normal today. And I’m excited about my date tonight. I hope all this is because of my period. Which only happens four times a year. So, yeah.

I don’t know. What do you guys think? Need I be worried about it happening again?

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One response to “It Happened Again

  1. totallytangledandie

    June 18, 2014 at 9:43 am

    This is the first I’ve read from your blog, but I had a similar thing happen to me too. I was just home alone and felt this incredibly sad feeling. And then the crying began. And continued. And continued. My always ends for a time, but the strangest thing of this occurrence was–like you–I’ve been getting out, meeting people, and trying to really enjoy life. So it makes no sense that this would come now …

    Hope things get better!


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