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It Happened

I did it.

I finally did it.

I cried.

Over absolutely


I had a great day.

I hung out with friends.

I was told by a stranger on the street

that I was beautiful.

Sure I certainly have


to feel sorry for myself about.


none of that

was bothering me

all that much.

I was just


And I cried.



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There was a boxcutter at my register for a while after the Thursday incident. I kept staring at it, thinking, “What if…?”

“Would it make me feel better?”

I was obviously still in a very dark place. Then came the Sunday after we buried my grandparents.

We were having a family breakfast because both my sister (with the kids) and my uncle were up for my grandparents’ burial. Randomly, I heard my mom ask my brother, “Do you wanna start?” I guess he said “Yes,” because suddenly my mom said “Lacey, we all love you. And that’s why we’re doing this.”

My family had an intervention.

Besides the obvious reasons–unexpected, etc.–I was surprised because I didn’t think my mom shared so much with the rest of the family. But apparently she did, because my sister mentioned the boxcutter. And my uncle had asked my mom if he could talk to me, too. Before he knew about the “intervention.”

I don’t know how much effect it had on me, but two things are true. One, I now realize that I really, truly do have the support of my family. And two, I’ve begun getting into a brighter place.

I’ve taken advantage of what I’ve learned from the intervention, too. I got my first speeding ticket, and boy were my parents going to murder me. So I called my sister-in-law, desperate for help. She told me exactly how to approach my parents, and it worked! They didn’t explode!

The main reason for me getting into a brighter place, I believe, is the cottage. My friend’s aunt and uncle never use their cottage anymore. So the agreed to rent it out to us. Now I have my own place (with A) and I’m not living with my parents like a child. Gas for work is mad expensive, but worth it.

And now we finally have internet! I’ve spent almost a month without it! Yay! Happy place!

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