K is for Kindness

14 Apr

I know, I’m late again. I forgot to type it all up after I wrote it all out. Anyways, here’s K’s entry.

So, when people are mean to you, it’s commonly said that the way to deal with it is to kill them with kindness. I have tried. But I simply can’t do it.

I’m a kind person. I care about you. I’ll take care of you. But you give me attitude? Nuh-uh. I don’t deal with that. I may not be mean to your face, but I will certainly begin to ignore you. Not look at you. Etc. Oh, you want coupons? Nope. You were a bitch. You wanna save $25 and get our credit cards? Nuh-uh.

I’m so kind it’s sickening. I’m considering going to work on my day off and missing most of a convention because my boss needs me. Who does that!? I’m thinking of continuing to work there when I move to the lake, despite the gas, just because my boss doesn’t want me to leave. Even though they write you up for being sick.


I’ll give friends rides for free. A couch. Food. I’ll take on more of the rent (but I’ll take the master). I’ll give a stranger my time just because they asked for it. I’ll give you my ear. Go on, tell me about it. It could be easy to take advantage of me. Probably.

Kindness is a virtue. Do you have it?

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