I is for Imagination

10 Apr

My imagination is so vivid I sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep at night. I certainly have a hard time sleeping when I’m alone in the house and/or in an unfamiliar environment. If I imagine something, it’s almost as if it’s actually happening. I can feel the ghost blowing cold air on me. Can smell the odor of the slime monster under the bed.

I focus really hard on my imaginings. I have to have every detail in place–which isn’t hard to do. Just takes concentration. But I don’t always have to have every detail. Lots of times I daydream while driving and, though unsafe, has never interfered with my driving. I can daydream at work where nothing’s going on and I’m all alone.

I need to daydream in order to sleep. But it can’t be anything too exciting or depression, otherwise I’ll never get any sleep! Do you have a vivid imagination, too?

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