H is for House

10 Apr

This is more an update on the house (cottage) I’m potentially going to share with my friend. But it fits. I finally talked to my parents seriously about it. I was dreading it, because I knew they didn’t like the idea. My counselor suggested a two-week trial period. So my parents want us to do that, if my friend’s aunt and uncle (who own the cottage) say “yes.”

But omg I’m soooooooooo excited. I can’t contain it! I even have a sheltie puppy lined up for when I do get my own place! A sheltie is a lassie dog but lap-sized :D. And super-energetic. I’m hoping the more-energetic dog plus whatever my doc ends up giving me will help me be more active. Especially at the cottage. There’s a lot of woods to explore with the dog. The dog will also be our security system. With its tendency to bark, the sheltie is perfect to be alerted of strangers coming around in the night. And deer XP.

I’m so happy right now. I can’t wait! I really, really hope we get it! If you pray, please put me in your prayers? I need to get out of my parents’ house!

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