C is for Cymbalta

03 Apr

Cymbalta didn’t save my life. It made my life so much better.

I was on Sertreline (Zyrtec?) for a while. I was doing just fine. I was a perfectly normal, content person. There were bad days, but they were uncommon. But one of the side-effects of Sertreline is that your libido goes down and it’s hard to orgasm. I got a boyfriend while on Sertreline, so it’s pretty easy to say I wanted the side-effects to go away before anything happened between us. Then my boyfriend and I broke up. But since I still like masturbating, and there was a possibility to do just as well on another med, I continued going off of it.

So my doctor put me on the generic of Cymbalta. It worked great, but I had a feeling it could go better. So he upped it for me. Oh, my God, guys. I am the happiest person on Earth, now! There doesn’t have to be a reason, I’m just in a good mood almost all the time! I have bad days, yes. But they’re normal-people bad days. Not depression bad days, y’know? It’s absolutely fantastic.

I have time after work today. I may write a post about my brother’s cats, whom I’m cat-sitting this week. Keep your eyes out!

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One response to “C is for Cymbalta

  1. Charlotte Comley

    April 7, 2014 at 7:03 am

    I hope that the hope lasts, and chocolate does make it better and may have stopped me from murder before now! Nice to follow and connect


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