07 Feb

I stopped posting because I thought maybe I was posting too much. But now I realize it’s been seven days since I posted. So…I think I’ll post, now.

Things are going OK. I spent a morning without any energy drinks. It went well (:. The next day, I had a migraine all day. I drank an energy drink and some Pepsi trying to get caffeine in me, hoping that it was a caffeine withdrawal I was suffering. It didn’t work. So I took more asprin than I was supposed to. Don’t do that. I felt like I was going to die. Buuuuut…the migraine eventually went away! So I was able to make the trip to the B&N in the next town over for a writing group meeting. It went great! I had so much fun! And I got some writing done and some great feedback.

Today sucked. I had a bit of a headache all day despite all the caffeine I downed. But it was manageable. What sucked was that we had a visitor in the store. So my boss called me over to the register before I was even on the clock! Then when I got there, they all just walked away. It was like, “wtf did you call me over for?” So then all the little things bothered me all day. But I got three credits, baby!

So, life without Sertreline is going OK so far. But I’ve still been a little down so my counselor thinks I could have Serotonin Syndrome. That’s when I have too much Serotonin in my brain and it makes me feel down instead of up. We’ll have to see how I’m feeling in a week to figure that out.

I’m excited to get off my Abilify soon. Yes, it saved my life at school. But it’s also expanding my waistline and I don’t like that. Hopefully, once I’m off it, I’ll be able to lose weight. I hope. And then, I’ll only be on two antidepressants instead of three or four! Whee!

Well, that’s about it. I hope ya’ll have a good night!

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