Feeling a Little Down…

31 Jan

I’m feeling down today. I overslept, so I didn’t get to shower. So I feel all dirty right now. It started at lunchtime. Sometimes when I go shopping on my lunch break, I get worked up and almost give myself an anxiety attack. That’s what happened today. It doesn’t really matter what I got myself worked up about. Point is, I started getting worked up. I took a couple Xanax to help me stay calm. But I was still down.

But there is good news. I was happy and energetic this morning after I finished my energy drinks. And yesterday was fantastic. Even though the jerks at work stuck me at the slowest register because I’m doing pretty badly in selling credit cards. But even that seems to be going up. I was at 300% yesterday. And 400% today! It’s exciting. Also, yesterday, a random customer (ahem, member) called my pretty :). “How pretty you are.” It kinda made my day.

So now I’m sitting here waiting for the water to boil, petting the dog. I love this dog. He’s such a sweetie. Even though there was only ever one time when he seemed to sense my feelings. But that’s OK. He’s really lovey all the time. So if I’m feeling down, I’ll just go and pet him and he’ll love it.

Oh, and I went to a writing group last night. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted I had to leave early. But I got some great feedback on my writing. So it was great. One of the guys from the group recognized me just from my facebook picture. It was like OMG! Especially because my hair was hidden inside my scarf. And I had makeup on. And different glasses. And a different nose ring. I didn’t even have my bow on!

Pasta’s in the pot. Wife Swap’s on TV. I think I’ve covered everything. Have a good night, everyone!

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