28 Jan

One of the issues that comes with my depression is motivation to do things I like/need to do. I love to write. But I never really feel like writing. It’s hard to get myself to sit down and do it.

But mostly it’s the things that I need to do that don’t happen. Like laundry. I spent months without doing laundry, just because I couldn’t get myself to do it. And my room, it’s disgusting. There’s a path from my bed to the door and that’s it. The rest is clothes, blankets, purses, bags, etc. Even my desk is clutter upon clutter.

But I was motivated a couple weeks ago. I was super-motivated and I took my personal days from work and a couple other days off so I could clean my room and do laundry. Then what did I do? I got sick. Motivation to do anything dropped. But my mom, bless her heart, pestered me to the point where I got some of it done. Now the issue is that I have too many clothes and not enough space. And yes, I wear all the clothes. By the time I bring the clothes up from the basement that I left down there, there will be no more room in my room again. Sadface. But I have to do it. And I have to do it before my dad’s boss comes to the house, because he’s going to go down to the basement to see my dad’s gun collection. Ugh, I just don’t feel like it.

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