D is for Dawdle

05 Apr

I’m so pathetic, I had to go to the dictionary to find a d-word. . .  the day after I was supposed to.

Dawdle: To waste time.

I never dawdle, and always dawdle. I’m always wasting time when not at work. Well, even at work. There’s nothing to do at work! Just stand there and wait for people to cash out. At home, I sometimes don’t even read or write. I just lie around doing nothing. I’m so unbelievably lazy. And I think part of the reason is my depression. I have no desire to do anything.

But I don’t like dawdling when doing something. Other people stand around and take their time doing things. I can’t stand that. If you have something to do, do it. If you have somewhere to go, go there. There are lots of times where I have so little but so much time before work that I have nothing to do but dawdle. And dear God is it boring.

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