Shakes, Exercise, and PMD

13 Mar

I’ve mentioned before about how much work exhausts me. How I get home, eat dinner, and go to bed by seven. (Though that doesn’t make sense because I literally stand around all day)Well, guess what? (Gonna sound like an infomercial, now) Not anymore! I get home, now, and I have energy to actually do things like read, write, or play games! Ya wanna know the secret? Protein shakes! I had one, and omg did it do wonders. So I guess my 12 hours of sleep every night really was more physical than psychological. I’m so happy!

There is one downside, though. Now, I have just a little too much energy, and I can’t get to sleep. My mom thinks it’s the time change. I’m not sure about that, so I’m gonna try walking the dog when I get home, even though my legs are exhausted and aching :/.

My friend, the one that told me about and sold me the protein shakes, said that short bursts of extreme activity is best for the body. But then he mentioned running for like two minutes and I was like “Ha! Yeah, right!” I can’t run for two minutes. I can’t run for one minute. I can only do, like, fifteen seconds, tops. Besides, I hate it. Exercise in general has never left me anything but miserable, exhausted, and out of breath. I don’t know what these people keep saying about endorphins. Mine don’t seem to work right.

There’s more good news, too. Today was the day that I was supposed to go batshit because of my PMD. And guess what? Perfectly sane, here! And with nine credits (meaning 18 bucks) to spare! Even when the stupid kid came in late, making me late to meet my friend, I didn’t go nutso. The meds are working! I don’t care what you have to say about “meds are bad for you” and “there are better, natural ways;” meds work and I swear by them. I will recommend them to anyone.

Well, I’m tired, now. It’s bedtime! Good night, internet!

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One response to “Shakes, Exercise, and PMD

  1. Sandy Banks.

    March 17, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Very good to read, I also read your other posts about depression, not a pleasant thing to have but remember to every negative problem is a positive solution. I know I’ve been there.
    Take care of yourself.


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